Good Morning, Harry – Good Night, Daddy

FORTHCOMING from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers in April 2018


 As Harry gets ready for bed, Daddy’s day is just beginning.


   In the big city bustle of London, as the sun sinks down, Daddy heads to work.

   Far away, on the sea-shushed sands of Sennen Cove, Harry and Gran head home for tea.

As the west-bound night train pulls out of the station, Daddy takes tickets and helps passengers to their seats.  In a little cottage tucked into the west coast of England, Harry helps Baby open wide for mushy peas.  After baths, night train duties, and the falling of a gentle rain that patters the windows of the cottage — while the train clatters on its way — Harry’s night and Daddy’s day eventually come together in a happy reunion.  Filled with soothing repetition and gentle humor, this is a story perfect for bedtime.

    Whoo-whoo sings the train, rocking on its way.

    Too-ra-lee, Too-ra-loo, sings Mummy, winding down the day.