Ancient Egyptian Insults

”You’re acting like a mosquito after wolves!”

”Spouter of Water!”

”Your heart is disturbed and your senses scattered!”

Ancient Egyptians, as we do today, sometimes felt the need to vent their feelings.  All of the insults above are actual insults from texts and inscriptions and tombs.  10880.110

In her wonderful book, Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs: (University of California Press, 2007), Angela McDonald introduces us to the ”real” side of ancient Egypt — the living, breathing, and sometimes squabbling people behind the monumental tombs and formal mummy cases.

Introducing readers to hieroglyphic script — and how to write it — she offers useful information on the names people chose for themselves (and their pets!); what gods were called; and how you, too, can begin to learn how to write hieroglyphs.

With luck, and diligence, after reading this practical (and highly entertaining!) guide, no ancient Egyptian — or mummy-come-back-to-life — will ever say to you…

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